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Sentinel Lock is a member of the National Automotive Service Task Force. This membership allows us to provide even more automotive key and security services for you.

Rely on Sentinel Lock and Door when you've locked your keys in your vehicle, if you've lost a key, or need an additional key.

Many vehicles starting around the year 2000 began using an electronic transponder key system to increase security. While there were some attempts at this in the late 80's, such as high end General Motors vehicles like the Corvette model and some Cadillac and Buick makes, the true transponder system became prevalent about 2000.

In order to make a key for these transponder system vehicles, a locksmith must first make a key that turns in the locks, then use a programmer device to program the car's computer to accept this new key.

Some Ford vehicles started as early as 1997, yet some other makes, such as Kia, have many models which even today do not use this extra security system.