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Commercial Locksmith Services

Sentinel Lock and Door provides a wide variety of commercial lock and hardware services including exit devices, door closers, locking bolts, thresholds, storefront door pivots, weatherstrip, seals, interchangeable core cylinders, and door stops.

Many of the name-brand businesses in this area utilize a service provider for their locksmith and other maintenance needs. In these cases, the store or location will contact their service provider to line up the service and in the case of locksmith work will then call on us to perform the work.

We have served many business customers for service providers in this area including the AT&T stores, Family Dollar, Verizon, Sam's Club, Walmart, Home Depot, Ulta, Marshalls, Buffalo Wild Wings, One Main Financial, Kohl's, Sleep Number Store, and many others.

In addition to simple rekeying of the business's locks, we also offer very affordable restricted key lock replacements. Restricted key systems ensure that keys you distribute to your employees can not be duplicated without the business owner's permission. Typical keys stamped with "Do Not Duplicate" are simply an honor system and essentially do not prohibit key duplication. Ask us about restricted key systems.